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A Community of Belonging. Why is it so Important?

What community means to us!

A group of people existing in a place that shares; a purpose, a sense of belonging, and who communicate with each other.

At the ACADEMY, our home, our community is located in the Beltline district. It gives us a place to come where we can connect with like-minded people who are passionate about health and wellness. Not that we are obsessive about working out, it’s more about being passionate about educating ourselves on how to take better care; not jumping on some bandwagon to lose a few pounds. We believe that health and wellness is a life-long commitment. We know that pizza and chocolate cake are a good part of life, however, we’ve learned the importance of finding balance in all aspects of being well.

Our community starts with this foundation and has, over 40 years, grown to something that is so much more. We come together to work out, but we are there for each other. We come together with a common goal but have created a sense of belonging, being there for each other. We know when there is a vacant spot, right front corner, in the Monday 5:30pm class, who it is who is usually there, and we probably know they are on vacation that day. If not, we check in.

In March 2022, our community was shaken with the tragic loss of a member. Vanessa Ladouceur joined our community in September 2021, and she knew she had found her home. A place where she belonged. A place where she could inspire and educated people about her passion – health and wellness.

After this tragedy, as a manager, I was drawn to our other site to help-out, to be there as that part of our community started their healing process after the loss. The ACADEMY community knew I was missing and wanted to know where I was, was I ok? When would I be back? It’s what a community does. They care.

On Saturday, June 18th, our community, along with the bigger community we are part of, the Beltline, are coming together to support each other and a good cause.

This event brings The BLOX together as a community for an outdoor fitness experience like no other in honour of our friend, colleague of The ACADEMY, fellow fitness enthusiast and advocate for the homeless, Vanessa Ladouceur.

Featured workouts:

Electric Sweat 80’s HIIT @11:00-12:00pm

Join in this "Aerobic HIIT Dance Party" that combines The ACADEMY's signature interval training workout combining cardio and strength training with classic 80's aerobic moves and music! Modification for intensity will be offered in the 60-minute-high energy workout!

Electric 80’s Yoga Pilates Fusion @12:15 to 1:15pm

Move and groove to the sounds of the 80s as the DJ spins us back in time with this flowing signature class that combines Yoga and Pilates to build strength and mobility. All you need is a mat! No experience is required. All levels are welcomed, and exercise modification will be offered.

Registration is $5.00 and all money will be donated to the Calgary Mustard Seed in honour of Vanessa.

So, put on your neon tights and leg warmers and join us, because together we are stronger.

Book online or call the club at 403-263-3113

Lisa Kingston, Business Manager, Heavens Fitness Ltd.

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